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Since the time when people became exposed to COVID-19, the experts across the globe is trying to learn more and more about COVID-19. In comparison to the adults, apparently there are far fewer cases of the virus reported in children. As the immune system of the children is not as strong as adults thus, they are more vulnerable. Subsequently all schools, learning centers or other institutions where a child could get exposed to others (who might be probable carriers’ of the virus) are recently closed in India. Thus, mostly children have caught the infection from someone they lived with.

Recently a major number of the COVID-19 cases are found initially asymptomatic. So, undoubtably children are now the more vulnerable point of concern.

Now, this is inevitable that a child adopts the “new life-style”. Unlike an adult, understanding of a child is significantly different. They have their own way of learning. At this juncture, it is the utmost of importance for the parents/care givers to guide their kid(s) and consider them as a “Co-Learner” to the entire process.

On the other hand, COVID-19 is also largely affecting child-mental health and wellbeing. Continuous isolation together with restrictions in movement is disturbing the developmental growth of the children. Children from poorest of the poor families are at major threat, as because largely their family members or care givers are entirely occupied in searching of income opportunities by which their basic needs are met.

From COVID-19 Resource Network platform we have collated some useful ideas through various resource materials, concept of activities etc, those can be learned and practiced with children in this special situation. We, the adults, should carefully observe our duties in order, to let the children attain all their Rights, despite facing all odds which we are dealing with currently.

Here we have tried to group our ideas in to three categories

How to talk to your children about Corona Virus and some ways of self-protection

Talking with and behaving in child friendly way is the easiest way of communication with children. A child recognizes nearly everything that is happening surrounding themselves based on their own understanding. Accordingly, this is fairly possible that a child already knows something about Corona Virus or felt the essence that something is going wrong in their daily life. Children, even very young ones, are also aware that something unusual is happening. So, the parents need to reassure that concept or feeling which a child already knows through age-appropriate communication with their kid.

Click below to find few effective examples

The entire situation we are sailing through currently demands adopting a “New Lifestyle”. Children are also part of this. The virus outbreak causes isolation which is leading towards uncertainty in their life. Isolation and uncertainty are not going to help them deal with the new realities of the adopted life style which is basically depending up on virtual communication, like, virtual schools, virtual communication etc. Children, who do not have proper access to the appropriate supporting gadgets for virtual schooling or communication may be experiencing the incredible stress of unfamiliar circumstances. Therefore, it is very much required that the caregiver realizes the difficulties faced by the children and plan some alternative fruitful solution. 

From our network initiative we are very much intended to extend our support towards the children and caregiver in this special situation. Network associated partners are actively working in different regions of rural Bengal and slums of Kolkata, thus we all have experienced the day to day difficulties faced and reported by the children from different age and socio-economic groups. Keeping those experiences as a learning background we have gathered some useful ideas for engaging children with fun-learning activities following easy methods.

Click below to find few effective examples

Engage your child through different activities

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